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Sunday, November 13, 2011


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SPM 2011 tips, STPM 2011 tips and more examination tips and tricks. We have heard your requests and will now provide those tips part by part. In the following links, you will find prediction chapters/topics for SPM 2011 and STPM 2011. We have the “ramalan” for most of the SPM 2011 and STPM 2011 subjects.

As with the examination tips for SPM/STPM 2009 and 2010, the predictions are not the infamous “soalan bocor“, “leaked SPM/STPM questions“, “tips sure kena“, “100% tepat“, “super SPM/STPM tips“, “soalan ramalan SPM/STPM” or any other names you would give it. The following links are constructive study guides to trim down the scope for detailed revision once you have studied everything. Berry Berry Easy strongly advise all students to study everything and do NOT rely solely on tips. (Most importantly, do not buy tips as you can get it free here, and there is no such things as 100% accurate tips)

SPM 2011 and STPM 2011 Tips – The List

(The links to the tips are found below)

This list is updated as more SPM and STPM examination tips are made available.

  1. SPM Chemistry 2011 Tips
  2. SPM Biology 2011 Tips
  3. SPM Physics 2011 Tips

    Special Tips for the SPM 2011 Science Subjects Paper 3 – Experiments

    1. SPM Chemistry 2011 Paper 3 – Experiments Predictions
    2. SPM Biology 2011 Paper 3 – Experiments Predictions

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